This episode is very different.

We talk about George Floyd, the protests, the importance of speaking up and what steps you can take to combat systemic racism. It’s not an easy path, but acknowledging their is a problem is step one.

  1. Acknowledge there is a problem called racism.
  2. Seek to understand. Sometimes talking with people that don’t look like you can be difficult at first, but it’s unlikely to remain that way. Ask questions and listen to what is said.
  3. Educate. There are books you can read in order to understand the long history of oppression of African American in American history. Look up these books: Also there are several movies that are free to rent currently on several digital platforms. They are Just Mercy, The Secret Life of Bees, Antwone Fisher, Ali, Brian Banks, Selma and more.
  4. Support black businesses. Check out these sites: We Buy Black, Eat Black Owned.
  5. Vote on a local level to get people who represent the ideals of equality. This is the only way outcome for the atrocities that happen during these tragic case change.

For a summary, watch this clip from Hasan Minaj.

This isn’t by any means something that will be fixed in the upcoming weeks. This is a long walk that we have to take together. Understanding this, not only helps black people, it helps all of us.

We love y’all. Enjoy the show!

Jace & Josh