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We’re back. The weather slowed us down, but didn’t stop us. We have a whole new episode with topics ranging from Henry Cavill maybe/ maybe not leaving Superman, Spider-Man on the PS4, PlayStation Classic announcement, a firm theatrical release date on the new DragonBall movie aaaand… the Captain Marvel trailer.

Check it out below and hear our thoughts. In the episode, I mention some fan casting because Michael B. Jordan was rumored to be the new Superman and it reminded me of something I saw a while back on Tumblr. I found it. Check it out right here!

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Jace & Josh

Captain Marvel trailer

Fancasting for popular DC characters. Sure, Michael B Jordan could be Superman but check out these images, courtesy of marinadbarros of Tumblr

The Trinity
Courtesy: marinadbarros from Tumblr. 
DC Fancasting
Courtesy: marinadbarros from Tumblr
DC Fancasting 3
Courtesy: marinadbarros of Tumblr
DC Fancasting 4
Courtesy: marinadbarros from Tumblr