A new Sony exclusive for the PlayStation is releasing soon, and so that means a new limited edition console is available as well. Behold the shiny red PS4 Pro. We made a quick little unboxing video showing off the console. The top of the console has a gloss finish, along with the Spider Emblem. On the bottom two layers of the console the same matte finish is present, similar to the previous PS4’s. I really enjoy the black finish in between the red near the disc slot and the ports on the back. And the blue light that illuminates when the console is on feels very calm. It’s a nice touch to include all of Spidey’s colors.


What I love the most is the controller. The sleek red and white combination are really nice. I really like the face buttons. Inside the box we also had a physical copy of the Spider-Man game, which I was honestly very surprised about. I thought there would have been a digital download code, but I really appreciate the physical format. Always good to have something to put on my gaming shelf. Inside the case we also have the digital download for all the DLC announced so far. The PS4 Pro comes with the Deluxe version after all.

All in all, I am very happy with this console, and it looks amazing – pun intended. I would highly recommend picking this up. I was on the fence about this or the Kingdom Hearts PS4 Pro, but I think I made the right choice.