Hey all, me again.

June 2016. That is when Jace and I decided to finally make a podcast for real. We thought about the name, the feel, everything to get us started. We listened, we learned, and all of that has led us to today. On September 4th 2016, we posted our first episode: Introductions. Well, we posted it the night before to go up on the 5th. You get the point. We didn’t know how long we would try this, or if it would even work out. All we cared back then was to release just the first episode. We had done mock episodes to practice which we may end up posting, who knows, but we were so nervous about it. Once it went up, we were so excited. I remember looking up the podcast on my phone for the first time, and seeing it next to other podcasts I listen to, and it just felt amazing.

That amazement has not left in the year we have been posting. In the last post I mentioned some things we are doing to expand, and we will continue to do so. We also have some pretty cool things in the pipeline, we are just trying to figure it out. I just wanted to take this moment to celebrate this, as this is honestly one of the coolest things I have ever been able to work on. The amount of learning on the fly, and dealing with ambiguity, the two of us had to endure, was crazy. We’re still learning to this day, and that’s ok. We are not professionals at this. We are two guys trying to have fun, and teach while we can. If we pick up people who want to join in on the fun with us, then that’s perfect. And we do love all the listeners out there. You give us purpose, and we thank you for that. So before this gets all sappy, I will leave it at this. The first year has been such a fun ride, and we hope to continue on, and we hope you tag along on this journey with us. Thank you for listening. Until the next episode.