Why is there part 1 you say? Well this has been an eventful couple of weeks and we dislike having to choose content over the other. So, we here at FGC Podcast are splitting episode 23 into two parts.

In Part 1, we dive into news in the past week like, like Apple’s announcement of iOS 11 and more, the newest Black Panther trailer and then we review the newest movie from Universal Studios, The Mummy. This is the first installment of their Cinematic Universe the Dark Universe.

We talk about what we liked, didn’t like in a detailed breakdown of the movie.

If you want to know about E3’s conference and the latest announcements of new systems and games, click here to see all the videos and part 2 of Episode 23!


Jace & Josh

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther Teaser Trailer

Apple Inc. Presents:

iOS 11

macOS High Sierra


the 10.5 inch iPad Pro

the iMac Pro

the HomePod

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