Welcome Fresh Geeks,

In this episode, (our longest episode) we talk about video games. In the first half, we talk about the recent Sony announcement and our reaction to games that are coming up soon, like Last of Us Part 2, Crash Bandicoot remake, a new Uncharted game and loads more!

We also have new Break Music, followed by Learning Time with the origin of Video Games (our longest one yet). After that, we discuss our firsts games and first experiences and multiplayer vs online and more!

Let us know what you think and share with your friends!

Jace & Josh

PS: Below there are two parts. The first part is new. We will be adding markers so you know what we talk about and when, so you can jump to your favorite part. The second part has the links and videos for all of the things we talk about.

Credit to wallpaper Game Heroes by ~BlueLagoon4 on DeviantArt

Credit to Break Music: Video Game Music Mix : Session 1 by thepeterson


0:00 – Introductions

5:50 – Last of Us Part 2 Discussion (spoilers on the original Last of Us game)

20:20 – Crash Bandicoot Discussion

25:50 – Uncharted

31:25 – Marvel vs Capcom discussion and Jace’s rant

37:53 – Wrap up

41:05 – Break (music)

41:47 – Learning Time

46:24 – The Sony Nintendo relationship

48:51 – First experiences

1:01:50 – Favorite games

1:08:10 – Games we’re playing now

1:10:45 – Multiplayer vs two player

1:41:27 – Mobile gaming

1:54:13 – Board Games and Closing


Last of Us Part 2 Trailer

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

First part of the original Last of Us game

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

Yar’s Revenge





N64 kid

Pokemon Gameboy commercial

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