Greetings Fresh Geeks!

The final part of our Halloween episode is here with Jace & Josh. We go into what makes Halloween frightening with scary movies. In Learning Time, we discuss the origin of horror movies and popular horror franchises. We also summarize the news for the past week and review The Walking Dead premiere.

Below are some notes and links to some of the movies we mention in this episode and here’s a link to our previous posts here and here where we discuss movie trailers for next year’s games and movies.


28:00 trailer for the Original Nintendo Wii: Codename Revolution

59:00 Army of Darkness fight scene

1:04 Lights Out original short / Lights Out Theatrical Trailer

1:08 Hush Trailer (available on Netflix)

1:08 The VVitch Trailer


28 Days Later Trailer

Rocky Horror Picture Show Trailer

Alien Trailer

Quarantine Trailer

Cabin in the Woods Trailer

This episode also features new Break Muisc from Colton Shields. As always, share with your friends, hit us up on Twitter, subscribe and let us know what you think!

Happy Halloween!

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