Today Apple took the stage at their “Hello Again” event in Cupertino, California where they introduced some new feature for their AppleTV but the big draw in was the announcement of the new MacBook Pro line. Users have been wanting a new upgrade to Apple’s notebooks, and they finally got it today. The new MacBook Pro comes in a very sleek looking space gray, all metal body, very similar to the current MacBook. Also like the MacBook it has a second generation butterfly keyboard effect that makes typing feel amazing.

The new 13′ and 15′ computers are thinner and lighter than their previous genterations, and also lose USB ports, but gain USB-C Ports instead. They also gain additional Thunderbolt Ports. The 15′ version in particular bring AMD’s new Radeon Pro 400 Series Graphics, which accelerates the graphical performance on the machine. It’s much faster than its previous generation.

The biggest draw draw to the new machine however is something Apple is calling The Touch Bar. It’s a retina touch screen bar that replaces the function row keys and instead allows you to perform different actions depending on the application you are currently in. In the Messages app? You can select emojis to put in. Currently editing photos in the Photos app? The bar resembles quick actions for cropping and rotating the image. The bar also allows for something else which we have had on our iPhones since the iPhone 5s, and that is Touch ID. By placing your finger on the power button of the machine, you can unlock it and log into your user account without typing in your password. This will also allow you to use Apple Pay without the need of an iPhone to authenticate with now. The machine has a built in T1 chip with Secure Enclave which will protect your fingerprint and credit card credentials, just as is done on the iPhone now.


This is a really great upgrade for users, and I can only imagine what usability the Touch Bar will bring, coupled with the improved graphics. Most could argue the mouse takes care of most if not all of the actions that the bar does, however, a power user will be able to utilize both to their advantage and be more efficient then they currently are. All in all, the new MacBook Pro line seems to be the best Apple has produced.